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AVISS with their Partners AMS Acoustics provides acoustic consultancy services in architectural, building, environmental and industrial acoustics, noise & vibration control and electro-acoustics. AVISS offers specialist advice ranging from initial design, specification and project management, to prediction and measurement for remedial engineering solutions.

AVISS adopts the most advance and up-to-date acoustic and noise simulation software to perform consultancy tasks.

AVISS adopt practical and systematic approach to a vast range of acoustic issues, resolving them by prevention or cure. Our multi-disciplinary engineers have the ability to rapidly and accurately analyze, design and specify cost-effective resolutions for challenging noise and vibration related issues.

Our acoustic consulting services can be custom tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need only a few hours of time to remedy your problem, a complete on site evaluation or project management services we can formulate a plan that will meet your objectives.

The first step is to contact us by phone, fax or e-mail and provide us with an overview or description of the work you would like performed. After your initial contact, we will discuss in detail the scope and time frame of your proposed sound system installation. The details we will discuss will include your expectations and will include weather you prefer a site visit, site specific hourly consultation or telephone consultation.

Project management services can also be provided. As your project manager we can oversee the installation of a third party design, ensuring that the sound system is installed according to the written specifications and installed in a timely manner with a focus on quality control.

Once we understand the scope of your project a proposal will be prepared which will describe the scope of work to be performed, the services we will provide and the payment terms and conditions.