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AVISS are distributors for the complete range of Bosch digital conference systems. No matter how big, small or out of the ordinary your meetings may be, AVISS have a Bosch congress system to match. From small-scale, informal gatherings to major, multi lingual conferences with thousands of delegates, our congress equipment gets people talking – in a way that suits everyone.

Our technical staff can work with you to design a solution. We can work from architects drawings and specifications to design, supply, install and commission your project.
DCN Multimedia
DCN multimedia is more than just a brand new conference system. It has been designed from the ground up to inform, impress and inspire the audience.  It is ideal for meeting areas such as city councils, regional councils and boardrooms. DCN Wireless Discussion System
Maximum speech intelligibility is protected against interference from mobile phones and other wireless equipment.
DCN Next Generation
This digital system offers high-quality audio, data transmission and complete control over conference proceedings.
CCS 900 Ultro A versatile and economical discussion system that brings order and convenience to small and mid-sized gatherings and conferences.