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Digital Integrus Interpretation System from Bosch

Integrus from Bosch is a state of the art interpretation system from Bosch. The system offers wireless language distribution, enabling the delegates to move freely while listening to the translation of their desired language. In addition, the system is totally immune to interference from light and delivers perfect digital sound.

Furthermore there has been put great emphasis on design and ease of use. The delegate only need to choose the language via a simple number display on the receiver.

Technical details

A remarkable thing about Integrus interpretation system is that it uses higher-MHz (2 - 8) than the light used in conference rooms; this means that Integrus is immune to frequency disturbances.

The system meets the IEC 61603-PART 7 of digital infrared transmission. With a signal / noise ratio of more than 80 dB and automatic troubleshooting, a great sound quality is achieved.
Integrus is based on 4, 8, 16, 32 channels that can be received simultaneously (there can be interpreted between 4,8,16, 31 languages + floor). Unused channels are automatically removed from the receiver, making it easier for users to find the appropriate channel.

Benefits when using integrus:
No disturbances in the sound from light sources, even sunlight.
Great digital sound quality
Very easy to use for the delegates at the conference.
Easy integration with DCN Next Generation equipment etc.…